ProSoft Technology

Remote Access

Secure Remote Access


The benefits of secure remote access include increased productivity and the optimization of resources that will have a positive impact for any organization. Start enjoying Secure Remote Access advantages.

ProSoft Connect


Find out with ProSoft Connect, which is designed to bring you streamlined, secure access to your remote equipment from anywhere you are at any time. Log in to monitor your or your clients’ gateways, and troubleshoot issues – all without stepping on a plane.

ProSoft’s Persistent Data Network (PDN)


ProSoft’s Persistent Data Network (PDN) is a Simple, Secure and Managed remote infrastructure communication network designed to connect geographically dispersed assets.

Rockwell Automation In-chassis

Generic ASCII Serial Enhanced Communication Module – MVI69E-GSC


The MVI69E-GSC Generic ASCII Serial Interface Module is a fast and easy way to add two fully configurable ASCII communication ports to the CompactLogix™ / MicroLogix™ platform without consuming the front port of the processor or using valuable processing time.

PROFIBUS DPV1 Master for CompactLogix – ILX69-PBM


The ILX69-PBM PROFIBUS DPV1 Master module provides all the advantages of in-chassis PROFIBUS communication, such as the inclusion of an AOI and the Autoscan features which greatly reduce your commissioning time, and ComDTM that provides remote Ethernet connectivity with asset management software.

Modbus Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Network Interface Module for FLEX I/O – MVI94-MCM-MHI


The MVI94 Modbus Master/Slave Network Interface Module allows Rockwell Automation FLEX I/O processors to interface with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries equipment.