About Us


Our Humble Beginnings.


Axis Corporation ( Automation Experts for Industrial Solutions Corporation) was established on 2019 and is dedicated to promote and supply Automation Components and Services. We are a company of ideas and solutions that would benefit the process in every major industry in the country. We are a team of dedicated people and are well trained to support the needs of customers in the area of Automation.


Axis Corporation is committed to provide quality products, professional service and continuous after sales service. We value our customers highly the way we value our team.


Our mission is to be able to provide our clients a solution that would be beneficial in their everyday operations.


Our vision is to be one of the respected companies in the aspect of Automation and to be one of the trusted distributors of quality products and services.


Our 3 Major Business Units

Architecture and Software

Intelligent Motor Control

Solutions and Services

Authorized Distributor