Technological diversity, a wide range of solutions

Balluff offers you a high-quality product range with enormous versatility: sensors and systems for position measurement, identification, object detection, process media monitoring and a comprehensive portfolio for industrial image processing. We offer a spectrum of networking and connectivity technology for a high-performance infrastructure, as well as a host of compatible accessories. We develop comprehensive automation solutions and accompany you step by step into the digital industrial world.


Our sensor technology forms the basis for the automation and digitalization of your machines and plants. We offer sensors in highest precision and best quality for your processes. In addition, we offer you the best network and connection technology as well as an extensive range of accessories.


For unique identification and immediate traceability, a data carrier (RFID transponder) is attached to the object to be identified, which acts as a memory. The data is transmitted between the RFID transponder and the read/write head (reader) and passed on to the controller via the evaluation unit or an IO-Link network module. Our RFID solutions can be operated with almost any common controller and the evaluation units support all frequency ranges. And that is exactly what is special about RFID – the contactless exchange of information between RFID transponder and reader.

Machine Vision and Optical Identification

Machine vision solutions optimize production processes and improve quality, efficiency and safety. Balluff offers a broad portfolio of machine vision components, including industrial cameras, intelligent vision sensors, 3D cameras and embedded vision. These solutions play a crucial role in automating your products and processes, making them more efficient and reliable.


The safe operation of machines and systems is elementary for employee protection, safeguarding productivity as well as liability security. To ensure both the safe operation of your machines and systems and to meet the safety requirements for machines and systems in industry, Balluff offers a comprehensive portfolio and solutions for your safety. This enables you to meet and reliably comply with the requirements of ISO 13849-1 Functional Safety as the standard for the safety verification according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Industrial Networking

To reliably control and monitor your machines and systems, you need professional industrial communication and network technology. The requirements for industrial networks are extensive and diverse. The ever-increasing volume of data and complex communication require powerful and reliable components that are capable of transporting information across all levels.


Flexible and reliable – for us, these are essential characteristics of good connection technology. At Balluff, you get everything from a single source: sensors, systems and network technology as well as suitable connectors and connection cables for a wide range of requirements and optimal use in your industry. With our diverse, flexible and reliable connection technology, we support you with rapid integration and ensure quick and easy commissioning of your machines and systems. In our product range you will find various connection cables, distributors and connectors for reliable sealing as well as signal and data transmission. The connections are used in both mobile and robust applications in all areas of industry.

Human Machine Interfaces

Digitalisation has long since arrived in industrial production. In order to always be up to date, it is important to be able to rely on automated processes. With our signalling and display devices, you know at all times what the status of production is. They reliably visualise the status of the machine and system components to be monitored by converting the output signals of the sensors optically and acoustically. For example, a display device such as our SmartLight can be used to monitor the temperature at defined points on your machine or system. If the temperature exceeds a critical level for your machine, this is immediately indicated by the predefined optical warning signal. If the temperature continues to rise, this can also be signalled visually via the indicator.

Power Supplies

Modern-day automation places demands on the efficiency of each and every system. Balluff power supplies are designed with control products in mind so you can be sure they will integrate perfectly with your control suite.


With our accessories you succeed in easy mounting, installation and exact positioning of our sensor technology, RFID systems, cameras as well as signalling and display devices for high machine availability. Our large selection of high-quality accessories supports you in the optimal mounting of hardware in machines and systems. The wide Balluff product range offers the optimal equipment in various designs, for almost all applications.

System Solutions

We offer our customers IIoT capable hard- and middleware in combination with powerful software. This means you benefit from system solutions for the widest variety of requirements in your production environment.


The future of automation is increasingly interlinked and digital. The growing diversity of technology, including in the private sector, means the expectations of many users are increasing while the demands on industry rise.