Professional Electric Motor Manufacturer

Sweelin Motor has many kinds of single phase and three phase motors, such as YC/YL/YY/YE2/YS , which are widely used for driving all kinds of general mechanical equipment, such as compressor, fan, water pump, etc. Mechanical equipment can also be used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, mining, etc.

YL Series Single Phase Asynchronous Motor with Starting and Running Capacitor

YL motor with the advantages of out-standing performance of starting and operation, low noise, compact dimensions and smooth running. Power Range: 0.37-7.5 Kw Speed Range: 2/4 Pole

YC Series Single Phase Asynchronous Motor with Starting Capacitor

YC motor has the advantage of high starting torque, smooth running, low temperature rise, low noise and greater overload performance. Power Range: 0.12-7.5 Kw Speed Range: 2/4 Pole

NEMA Series Standard Single Phase Induction Motor

NEMA standard single-phase motors with steel frames are widely used in compressors, water pumps, high-pressure washers, and other applications that require high rate of starting torque. The induction motor has UL/CSA/IEC certificates, and requires a relatively clean and dry working environment.

YE2/YE3 Series High Efficiency Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

YE2/YE3 (IE2/IE3) three-phase asynchronous motor adopts the latest design as a whole, with full copper wire core, high-quality materials, and conforms to IEC standards. The terminal box of electric motor is located on the top of the machine base, and the wires are available on both sides to meet the requirements of user’s different outlet methods. Power Range: 0.37-315 kW Speed Range: 2/4/6/8 Pole