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Companies across industries are facing mounting pressure to be more productive and efficient. At the same time, new technologies are becoming more powerful and more connected. The influx of data from new connected devices, and the need to analyze this data is driving the need for – and growth of – new edge computing infrastructure.

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In our global economy. Business downtime can have far-reaching economic, security and legal consequences. Recovering from a failure, no matter how fast, is simply no longer an option. What companies need today is prevention failure , not failure recovery. What they shouldn’t need, is a PhD to set it up.

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Enterprises today have variety of mixed workloads, with different levels of business criticality. Organizations are categorize and designing their IT infrastructure to match the availability requirements of their applications. Fault-tolerant systems for those applications that must run 24×7. Highly available systems where up to 4 hours of downtime might be acceptable.