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Toggle clamps – Vertical series

The clamping and control levers move in the same direction. When clamping is obtained, the control lever is in the vertical position. The light version of the series presented in this catalogue has a retaining force between 75 and 875 daN, while the heavy version has a retaining force between 1000 and 3000 daN. The heavy version is used when highly intense resistant forces are used, for example when closing jigs for foams, polyurethanes, etc.

Toggle clamps – Long life series

Reinforced long life series: the hot forged parts, as well as hardened and ground pivots and bushings make this series suitable for heavy duty loads and a long operating life. Toggle mechanism: the accessories such as clamping arm and control lever, can be welded according to applications for use.

Long life series accessories

The following accessories Series Long Life.

Toggle clamps – Horizontal series

The control and clamping levers move in opposite directions. When clamping is obtained, the control lever is in the horizontal position. Available with clamping forces between 40 and 620 daN.

Toggle clamps – Straight-line action series

In this series, the circular movement of the control lever is transformed into a linear movement of the push rod. Excepted for models 120/AS and 300/AS, this series works and clamps either by pushing or pulling. The light version meets clamping requirements from 80 to 720 daN, while the heavy series from 120 to 4500 daN.

Toggle clamps – Latch series

The circular movement of the control lever is transformed into linear movement of the rod. This series is mostly used to fasten hinged lids and for containers. Available with forces from 160 to 1000 daN, and in the heavy series from 1700 to 4000 daN. The push bars can be adjusted within the stroke (height D).

Toggle clamps – Rotational series

The rotational moulding of the plastic requires clamping devices able to work in a quick and safe way at very high temperatures (240-300°C.) without any hesitation when opening and clamping. So, we have achieved a full series of clamps suitable to this type of work. This series is in part a spin off from the Speedy Block’s mass production with the contribution of suitable alterations (couplings with different tolerances, modified geometries, different finishings, etc.), and in part is achieved following the suggestions and expectations of the users which urged their design.

Toggle clamps – Pneumatic series

The pneumatic series also contains vertical and push rod series with Fs clamping forces between 50 and 240 daN and Fh retaining forces from 70 to 450 daN for the light series; and Fs from 87 daN to 430 daN with Fh from 220 to 2000 daN for the heavy-duty series. The use of a filter-reducer-lubricator group is essential for a long and smooth operation of the cylinder, while for a long duration of the mechanical components we recommend using suitable flow regulators and calibrating the speed of the motions desired, starting from a low speed and gradually increasing this speed. The cylinders of the heavy-duty series (1000-2000/EPM/EPVM) already mount these flow regulators on the heads and they can be adjusted using a screw on the side of the air supply. For all the other cylinders, a fixed pin is present in the back head to slow down the stroke during the opening phase. Operating pressure between 2-6 bar. Ambient temperature -30° + 80°C. The Fs forces indicated in the catalogue were measured at a pressure of 6 bar.

Toggle clamps – Accessories

Accessories for mounting